December, 2012 - 360° Issue 63

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    04 December 2012
    360 Monthly video magazine
    Hydro , manufacturing , Supergrid , transmission , 3D , Savigliano , Italy , Pendolino , tablet , combined cycle , China , Brazil , UK , U.K. , France , GCCIA , U.A.E , UAE , Saudi Arabia , Vietnam , Son La , Three Gorges , dam

    Mechanical Manufacturing Manager Chunling Du hosts December’s Alstom 360 video magazine from the Alstom Hydro site of Tianjin, China. The Tianjin hydroelectric equipment manufacturing site is Alstom’s biggest and the only one to be fully integrated from marketing and engineering to project installations and services. The first report covers how this site is helping Alstom achieve a growing presence in the local Hydro market and equip some of the biggest dams in the world. 

    Those dams require Supergrids to transmit their energy to faraway cities. Our satellite report looks at how Supergrids in Europe, the Emirates and Brazil are building the energy superhighways of the world. 

    Then we’re off to the Savigliano site in Italy, where the touchscreen interfaces and tablet computers of the Master 3D pilot have been bringing detailed 3D blueprints and real-time information updates to the production line of the New Pendolino tilting trains.

    Finally, this month’s How it Works brings you combined cycle plants made easy.