Casablanca Tramway


Casablanca Tramway

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    12 December 2012
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    The Casablanca tramway project challenged Alstom Transport to surpass itself in supplying 74 Citadis tramsets, reaching a rate of more than one per week during 2012. Hampered by road congestion from 5 million inhabitants and in need of an urban transport system, the largest city in Morocco launched an ambitious project: creating the longest tramway line ever-built in one go.

    Crossing Casablanca’s East and South-West district for 31 km with 48 stations, the line will sport energy-efficient Citadis trams custom designed with a Moroccan-style interior featuring Zellighe (or zillij) geometric mosaics on the ceilings and seats. On 12 December, the King of Morocco personally inaugurated Casablanca’s first tramway line. 

    We are leaders in the tramway market, with already 1,600 Citadis tramsets sold to over 40 cities worldwide. Collectively, they have run over 400 million kilometres—more than the distance between the Earth and the Moon—and carried about 4.8 billion travellers, more than 2 million a day.